Thursday, October 15, 2015


I recently made my first trip to Utah since living in Boise.  I got to see all of my siblings.  It was short but sweet.  Sweet Cairo got Baptized and I am so glad I had the support of my husband and kids to make the the trip and be there. I loved playing with all the kids.  We wrestled, spun around, did hide and seek, read books, went shopping, went to Bev's and more.  I got hugs and punches.  Jane took me to the gym and I got to do a class with her.  It was a great work out.  She instructs so well.  I loved it all. Nephi, Utah October 10, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's coming back.

I enjoy sharing my pictures and what our family is doing but I don't want to share it with everyone.  I have been thinking about this for a long time and am ready to come back to the blog.  I have so much to share and journal and facebook is not the place I want to do it.  This will take some time as I get caught up and decide on how often I will update.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hey everyone! It's me, Joshlynn. I'm here to tell you about my recent trip to Japan. I won't go into too much detail, just a few highlights of the trip.
This is the family I got to stay with (along with some neighbors), they were really nice!

We got to go to Universal Studios Japan. It was really fun. This is a group photo at the front gates. If you can't find me, I'm in the back.

We saw dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park"

Traveled back in time in"Back to the Future"

 And got attacked by a few zombies.

It was really fun!!!
  I also went to a Japanese festival and met some of Saya(my partner)'s friends.

I got pretty good at tennis, not to brag or anything ;-)

I also got to wear a kimono, it was really hot, but a good experience.

When it came time to go, saying goodbye was really hard, I had met some really nice people and look forward to a time when I can see them again.

Thanks for reading, and a special thank you to all of you that helped and supported me in some way!

Monday, October 21, 2013

We said good bye to the Suburban and Hello to the Cirrus

I shed a few tears and will miss my favorite vehicle that I have ever had.  Last month I was trying to take the girls to the fabric store and I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention to the traffic.  I went to turn into the driveway to the fabric store and the next thing I know we had been hit by a car.  All in my group are ok.  The other group not so much and I feel horrible about it.  We had a few aches the day and week after.

Well the insurance company took it away and handed us a check.  Thus began the car shopping.  Nothing will compare to my black beast but a sedan will be nice to drive around during the day when no one is with me and even when it is just a few kids with me.

I did not get my favorite car but I got a very clean looking Chrysler Cirrus.  It has low miles and was  well kept. It was a great price and is really what we need.   It has a few projects that are needed and Scott has started on those.

I am not happy with my mistake, but I am grateful that my family is safe.  In November we will most likely be getting another Suburban thanks to family not needing it anymore.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Changing things around and switching back over

KC     12 yrs old
Joshlynn    11yrs
Jami      9yrs.I am dropping facebook and coming back to my blog. I have saved all the old stuff and am in the process of putting in current pictures and updates.  It has been two years since these pictures were taken and one year since I posted.

 Yeah 14 years of marriage and lots to show for it. Work has been tough to find and get but we are doing our best to manage through it. The scripture and Prophets messages have given us lots of hope.
 KC is becoming a great young man. He is learning how to manage all the things he has to do each day. He is having a hard time deciding on physical activity or tv and video games. Also what foods are good for you and not. The sweets taste so good. He is constantly telling me his time on his mile run and trying to get better each time. He is looking forward to spring and sports. He wants to do soccer or wrestling.

Joshlynn is letting her opinions take her places. She is on the 6th grade student council and has brought some great ideas to Nelson Middle School. She is enjoying choir and learning the different parts. She has also taken to the cello. She practices the hymns on the piano as well. I often find her studying with her phone close by texting with her BFF
Jami has very curly hair and it is finally getting thick. She loves to wear it down and asks to have it straightened sometimes so she can see how long it really is. She has started gymnastics and has been mastering the splits. Cartwheels and hand stands are in need of practice. She has a lovely group of friends and has been learning that she and Sami will have the same group of friends throughout their life. This has brought a few tears but has brought more love for all.
Sami loves to help in every way and she loves to be motherly. She is very organized. She recently helped make a wall hanging to hold all the things the girls like to keep on their beds. she helped with measuring and designing the pockets. She is very serious about her school work but sometimes tries to skip out on reading. She loves to be rough and follow KC and all that he does.Zoe is a bouncing giggle. She is always happy even when she gets in trouble she is happy. She loves school and is very kind and caring to her teachers and classmates. She has learned so much from FHE and tells the stories in primary often. She loves to sing. She spends a lot of time in the bath playing and singing. Her boundries have changed since we have moved and she gets to play out front a little more. She loves to climb a tree in the front yard to draw pictures and leaf rub.
Sami    7yrs.
Zoe    6yrs.

Friday, August 03, 2012

April- August Knight Activities.

KC got 3rd Place in his division for wrestling!!  He did great for his first year and his coaches are excited for him to return next year.

Sami showed so much aggression in soccer this season.  she plays well and smiles so much on the fields.

Zoe is Happy with anything she does.  Soccer was fun for her and this was her first time doing it.  Scott was her coach and she loved her special time going to practice with him.  She seems to think that 7-11 is a must each time.

Two different teams, two different age brackets and they are assigned the same shirt and number.  Sami's coach kept asking if he could sub Zoe in for one of the other players because he knew she would play. 

Zoe had good ball control most of the time.  She played on a small field and with one kick the ball was on the other side.
Sami and her teammate competed against each other when they were in at the same time.  Sami has the ball right now but her team mate caught up and instead of waiting for a pass she took it from her.  Sami did it too.  They never worked on passing but were always coached to work as a team.  It was a rough season with Sami's coach. but Sami had fun.

Just as wrestling was finishing Soccer was starting.  KC did great for taking a needed  3 plus years off.  He has great ball control.  He enjoyed all the time spent with boys.  He doesn't like turf as much as grass, but in WA turf is so much better than the grass.

Zoe is done with Kindergarten.  She is sad to never have Mrs. Jex as a teacher again but is excited for what she will learn in 1st grade.

Dance Festival was great.  I was very entertained by all of the dances and testimonies and stories shared by the youth in the NW.  Joshlynn did a Fan Dance and KC did a Tinikling Dance.  They both enjoyed the things they learned.  KC's feet hurt a lot during practices.  He hit the sticks a few too many times.

Our first Camping trip of the summer.  There is a lot of work to be done.  This is a Cabin that Scott's boss from the bust stop kiosk job is letting us and the scouts use.  On this trip we installed a toilet hidden a little in the trees and bushes.  We moved the firewood away from the cabin so everything would dry out.  We removed a lot of weeds and ferns and removed moss and trees from the roof.  It was a lot of work and not much fun until.........

Scott made a ladder to get to the roof and

KC removed trees and the younger girls and I planted them around the toilet to try to hide it more and

Joshlynn learned how to walk on a roof and

the younger girls climbed up and down the ladder and

everyone tried to play in the water.  It was very cold but refreshing and fun.

Jami and I just got our feet and hands wet.  We don't care much for the water for playing in.

Well We did a lot more things but all of those pictures are on my phone and I don't know how to get them to the pc. You can see all of that on Facebook.  We are doing well and having a lot of fun.  We are keeping busy and are helping a lot of friends right now.  Soccer starts again soon.   Joshlynn is taking piano lessons again, Jami has started babysitting while supervised just a little, KC is being a teenage boy right now, Sami is trying very hard to finish the summer reading program, Zoe is enjoying every minute of life and becomes more independent every day.

Scott is working and enjoying it.  we are really enjoying that we can keep up with our bills and have a study paychecks each month.  He is also working very hard on getting the camper ready for our next campouts. He has built an amazing tree fort and has made our backyard a nice place to spend the evenings in.

I am trying to spend as much time with my kids and worrying less about the house work.  Everyone will be in school next year all day and I will be lonely so I will take as much as I can get right now as long as at 8:30pm I don't have to watch cartoons.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

KC's first Wrestling meet

KC has started wrestling. It is my first experience with it and not knowing much about it my stomach was in knots while watching. KC has been enjoying it and Sami lets him practice on her sometimes. KC didn't win any of his matches but he never got pinned. He did however get thrown up on. KC felt wram liquid on his back and was panicking because he thought it was blood. He couldn't understand why all the coaches were helping his opponent out when he was the one bleeding. I couldn't get to him, but I was able to yell " He threw up on you go wash off". Luckily one of the Dads there whom is in our ward went to go check on him as he was in the boys bathroom. When he got back he tried to joke with me but all know I don't get jokes and I tolerate them even less when something is not right with my kids. The coaches were wiping him down with Clorox wipes. He came back in and went right back to wrestling.

That night Scott was able to watch the video and give some pointers to KC and explain wrestling to me. Now next week I might be able to watch and not feel like my son is being tortured.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sami's Baptism

Sami planned this entire day out well in advance. I think it was a year ago she started planning. She new this was going to be a great day and she is like me and wants to be prepared and have everything in order. She picked out her dress in April and has been in love with it since she saw it hanging on the rack in the store. She was excited to get her pictures done but wanted a special day off of school to do it. She got an hour out of school with me to do her pictures.

The day finally came and she had so much love and support from near and far. The room was full and she was blessed.
She knew that everyone usually gets a Christmas dress or tie so she requested the colors for the clothing. She chose Black and silver. Lucky for her I found a beautiful fabric for $1.50 a yard. I did not have time to make dresses but I had time to add sleeves, belts and make a scarf. Everyone looked great. We didn't even tell our extended family the colors but they all matched too.
It was so nice that Lance, Shauna, Porter and Conner were able to fit in a quick trip. We sure enjoyed having them there and Sami now gets to say. My cousins came to my baptism. Sami sure enjoyed the reminders that Uncle Lance kept giving her leading up to her baptism day. Do whatever you want it all gets washed away tomorrow. We love the Clines. Hopefully next time we will get to see Austin and Mason.

Sami with her Uncle Chris. They have such a unique bond that started when Sami was 18 months old. She loves every part of him being in her life. She asked him to be a wittness at her baptism. He accepted and if you look closely he even matches her color choices.

KC and Sami spend a lot of time together they have many things in common and she is tough enough to handle KC being rough. KC has a lot of advice for her too. He advised her to keep her scriptures close to her and read them often. He gave a talk at her baptism and got real emotional. He loves her so much and he let it show.

It was a great day. Grandma Jex delivered a Journal shortly after the baptism and Sami spent 30 minutes writing down every detail of her day.

Thank you Linda for taking the time to come and join us for this day and the holidays. It sure made it even more special. You did an amazing job helping Jami gather her thought s for her talk. Zoe was so excited to get to lead the music with you. I hope you feel our love and appreciation.

Thank you Heather for taking pictures and getting them to us quickly. We are glad that you and Kyle got to experience this with us.

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